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Business Entities: Which is Best for You?

Here, business and corporate attorney Joseph L. Kroart III discusses the differences between the various business entities.   In her spare time, my wife enjoys restoring and refinishing old furniture for friends and others. She...

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Four Things You Need to Know About the Sale of Your Company

The sale of your business may involve complex issues and require you to address a series of challenging financial, business, human resource, intellectual property and other legal issues. Owners of closely-held companies should fully understand...

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What to Do When Your Business is Facing Litigation

Studies show that anywhere between 36-53% of small businesses are involved in litigation at any given time in a year, making litigation a serious reality for the majority of enterprises. Unfortunately, even the most cautious...

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Transferability of Digital Assets

In the current day, virtually everything we do online is driven by a world of digital accounts, user names, and passwords. Our banking and investment accounts, email, photo sharing sites,  messaging sites, and everything we...

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