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New Year’s Resolutions – To Lose Weight, to Quit Smoking, to Execute an Estate Plan – And Not Necessarily in That Order

With the start of a New Year, everyone makes resolutions – to exercise more, to quit smoking, etc. But does anyone resolve to create or update his or her estate plan? This should be top...

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Before signing on for marriage, should you sign a prenup?

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to sign a prenuptial agreement. But while celebrities may have hundreds of millions at stake, these agreements are by no means limited to the rich and/or famous.  Having practiced family...

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Computer Security – What Your Company Can Learn from Chris Correa

When the first IBM PC was released 35 years ago, people probably did not fully comprehend how the realms of technology, intellectual property and the law would ultimately intersect. While this scenario continues to unfold...

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In Plane View: Is Baltimore’s Airplane Surveillance System Legal?

It recently came out that the Baltimore police have been secretly testing an aerial surveillance system since January 2016. This revelation raised more than a few eyebrows and plenty of questions. Ross McNutt, the founder...

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