Why Adelberg Rudow?

Competitive Compensation

Compensation is based on merit not seniority within the firm.

Compensation is based on rewarding effort and origination in a competitive manner with our peers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Compensation includes either a regular salary or a draw of membership distributions.


Geographic flexibility – we have two offices or you can work from your home.

Hours flexibility - set your own hours based on your or your clients’ needs.

Rule flexibility – we pride ourselves in having as few rules as possible. 


Arrangements out of the historical norms to traditional partner track.

Work as many or as few hours to achieve your goals.

Scalability of support from those who prefer self sufficiency to those who require more support.


We encourage attorneys to assume leadership responsibilities in bar associations.

We encourage attorneys to be involved in community activities.

We pride ourselves on delivering both the technology and staff to help our attorneys achieve their goals and their clients’ goals.

Lateral Attorneys

We are always looking for experienced attorneys, particularly those with specialties compatible with our own, with portable business and who possess a personal commitment to excellence.

At the same time we understand the need for our attorneys to have an acceptable work/life balance.

We believe we have a rational merit based approach to compensation that is more than competitive with our peers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

If you would like to find out more please call us at (410) 539-5195.

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