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Gerry Sandusky Visits Adelberg Rudow

Best known as the sports director for WBAL-TV and the radio play-by-play voice of the Baltimore Ravens, Gerry Sandusky, also operates The Sandusky Group, a firm that provides executive media coaching and courses to improve presentation skills for business executives. He recently provided a training course to the Adelberg Rudow attorneys. Using a drawing that…

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Preventing Estate Disputes

By Robert M. Horne, Esq. Several celebrity estate disputes were featured in the news recently, including Casey Kasem, Mickey Rooney, B.B. King and Robin Williams. However, long-simmering family tensions that lead to lawsuits aren’t relegated to the rich and famous. I often see family members questioning whether their parents intended to give so much to…

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Charm City Dialogue

Baltimore City’s recent civic disturbances, the position of the police in the criminal justice system, and other related matters were the focus of a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the Women’s Bar Association-Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Carrol County chapters. Nearly 200 practicing lawyers and judges—men and women alike – observed a “high…

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Non-Compete Agreements for Independent Contractors May Cause Employment Woes

By Geoffrey W. Washington October 6, 2015 Posted in: Focus on Business Growth Strategies & Women in Business In response to growing employment costs and pressures on price in a very competitive marketplace, more and more businesses in the service sector are calling upon independent contractors for core duties. The cost savings of the contractor-based business model…

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Minority Shareholder Verdict Upheld

By Oren D. Saltzman, Esq. In August, 2015, the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled in the case of David S. Bentempo v. Clark J. Lare, et. al., which was originally decided in the Circuit Court for Howard County. This case related to a business dispute between Quotient, Inc. partners David S. Bontempo, a 45 percent…

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