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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many of our attorneys have been trained in mediation, arbitration and collaborative law techniques which allows our highly experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to not only explore alternative approaches to dispute resolution on behalf of our clients by representing our clients in ADR forums but also to provide ADR services to others by acting as mediators and arbitrators. We have successfully represented our many business clients in resolving disputes without the cost of lengthy trials as well as in negligence actions, real estate disputes, contract interpretations and family law issues such as marital property valuation, alimony, child support and custody and visitation rights. In Arbitration, both sides present their case and a neutral person chosen by the parties makes a binding decision.  In Mediation, a neutral party acts as a catalyst or facilitator to bring parties together to resolve the particular situation voluntarily. And in the Collaborative process, the parties and their lawyers sign an agreement that they will not litigate the dispute, and the entire team, which may include other neutral experts, will work diligently to resolve all issues.

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