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Adelberg Rudow will host the Maryland Building Industry Association’s Remodelers and Custom Building Council Luncheon Meeting on July 10.

  General Contractors in Maryland Beware: Beginning October 1, 2018, You May Be Held Liable for Your Subcontractors’ (and their Suppliers’) Failure to Pay Their Employees. In September of 2017, I wrote an article warning the construction industry that the Court of Appeals had changed the way indemnification clauses in contracts had been historically interpreted.…

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Three Reasons To Stay Up to Date with Sustainable Building Codes

When it comes to being environmentally conscious and leading a “green” lifestyle, everything from coffee cups to cars play an important role today. Of all the things that people use on a daily basis, what uses the most energy? It may not come as a surprise that the answer is buildings. Roughly 40% of total…

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